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Tana Contracting Ltd.

Charles Egli

P.O. Box 5412

Haines Junction, Yukon


Tel: 867.634.2404

Solar and Wind Power Systems


Solar and Wind Power

Moving Forward with Environmental Sustainability

With the high cost of stove oil and diesel fuel these days and most likely even higher costs in the future, it is important that every Yukon home and business is aware of the cost savings that you can enjoy with the installation of a wind or solar power source.

We are able to design the system that is right for you. After determining your energy needs based on your location, your power requirements and your budget, Tana Contracting Ltd. is able to provide all that is necessary for the design and installation of your system. Complete stand-alone and grid tied wind power and solar powered systems are your best approach to cost savings and efficiency.

Many Yukon businesses and private homes are eligible for financial assistance through Yukon's Rural Electrification Program.

Solar Panels Batteries and Systems Reference Material

Dealer for Matrix Energy

Tana Contracting is able to supply a full range of products for your solar and wind power needs. Check out the broad range of products available in the Matrix Energy product catalogue.

Dealer for Solar-One Batteries