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Projects & Clients

Projects & Clients

40 years of Yukon Experience

High Mountain Exploration

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Road building

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Solar-One Hup Batteries

Helios Solar Panels

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Septic Systems for a Sustainable Wilderness

Creating PowerOff the Grid

About Us:

Tana Contracting Ltd. has been in operation in Yukon, Canada for forty years. Our work with Government Agencies, private businesses and individuals gives testimony to the efficiency and expertise of our service.

We provide experience and expertise in many different areas. Logical and efficient solutions are necessary in business no matter what the circumstance dictates. We are capable of evaluating all your building, mining and energy needs.

From mining excavation on the steep slopes of mountain-sides to the installation of problem-prone septic systems we deliver the right solutions. Glacial till and perma-frost can be problematic but Tana Contracting provides Yukon Certified analysis, design and installation of septic systems.

Our off-grid and grid-tied solar and wind products provide you and your business with energy savings, a greener footprint and a smaller electrical bill!